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The percentage of students who rated proficient or advanced in standardized testing is 49% higher among those who were taught in technologically advanced classrooms

Don’t let a shattered screen or a crashed hard drive slow down your students. Be proactive, sign up for the Staymobile 360 plan for your school’s devices and make sure your faculty and students stay connected.

The leader in K-12 device repair services Protect and repair your school’s technology

Classroom Connectivity

As an integral part of students’ daily lives, mobile technology has changed how they communicate, gather information, allocate time and attention, and learn. The ever-growing mobile landscape requires that K-12 schools meet the needs of their students by providing tablets, laptops and desktop computers at their disposal.

The problem is, this places thousands of school-owned devices into the hands of students, and at risk of physical and internal damage on a daily basis.

Students need technology, and your devices need protection.

The Staymobile Solution

We currently have more than 1.5 million devices under management contracts with our education partners in private and public schools of all sizes. At Staymobile, we help navigate these waters by offering a range of affordable mobile device repair services, comprehensive protection plans and accessory solutions to school’s nationwide. Our certified technicians are trained to address all of your needs, from water damage and battery replacement to software crashes and updates.

Industry Backed

All of our repair services come with the industry-leading Staymobile Lifetime Guarantee. Services are performed by Staymobile Certified Technicians that are highly trained and complete a comprehensive background check to insure the safety and security of each device

Competitor Analysis

Staymobile Planvs. Device Warranty Plans

How do I sign my K-12 school up for a Staymobile protection plan to protect our devices?

Contact the local store or email and a representative will reach out to setup a meeting.

How do I send my school’s broken devices in for repair?

For local service, Staymobile will coordinate free pick-up and delivery services for our broken devices. If you’re outside the service area you will contact your Staymobile representative and a shipping label will be provided.

Why do I need a protection plan for my school’s devices? Why not just send them in after they break?

Accidents happen all the time and Staymobile’s protections plan keeps you covered from damage caused by drops and spills. Our local service allows you to bring the device in to get quick service and not have to ship your device off for weeks at a time.

How is Staymobile’s plan different from the one that comes with the device?

The plan that comes with a device at time of purchase is a manufacturer’s warranty that only covers the device from internal parts breakdown. Staymobile’s plan covers the device from accidental damage including cracked screens, charge ports, etc.

What are the minimum number of devices a school must have to enroll in the Staymobile protection program?

We have programs for every need from one device to thousands. Staymobile’s custom plans can solve the needs of the university no matter the size.

How quickly can Staymobile respond to repair needs?

Staymobile guarantees quick turn time on repairs. Most repairs can be obtained, repaired, and delivered back within a week.