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8 in 10 employees are using smartphones today

A broken or deficient device equates to loss of productivity, which directly impacts your bottom-line. We partner with 250+ businesses across all sectors to provide device repair services.

At Staymobile, our enterprise solutions include three key offerings


Services for your damaged smartphones, tablets and laptops including all the leading brands in the industry.



Designed to enhance the functionality and utility of devices for added assurance.



Industry leading plans that cover devices, data and identity for all company employees.

Local Service with
Minimal Down Time

Electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, are essential to today’s workforce. For most companies, repairing a broken device can take several business days as they wait for their technology to be shipped off, repaired and then returned to the office. In some cases, the devices are never repaired at all! This lag causes a decrease in productivity, communication and potentially business opportunities.

Expect the Unexpected.
Broken Devices Shouldn’t Create Added Expenses.

Whether you’re a small business owner or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, we understand technology is essential to nearly every aspect of your professional life. You simply don’t have time to deal with mobile device issues, which is why we will come to you. Through our Enterprise 360 program, we can repair devices on-site, or can coordinate pick up and delivery.

All of our repair services come with the industry-leading Staymobile Lifetime Guarantee. They are performed by Staymobile Certified Technicians that are highly trained in the industry and complete a comprehensive background check to insure the safety and security of each device and its information. We’re committed to enhancing and sustaining today’s increasingly important digital work environments.

Staymobile eliminates these frustrations

As the premier mobile device repair service, we currently have Enterprise customers in all regions of the country and of all sizes.